Strawberry Planters!

I love recycling.  The idea of reusing something and giving it a whole new purpose is a real bonus. I get loads of comments about the weird and wonderful ways in which I turn potentially useless items into something bespoke and unique.

My latest invention is my unique strawberry planters!

20130305-171001.jpgI had some plastic spools a while ago from the factory that my husband works at and I asked for ideas on how I could use them within the garden. I knew that there would be something useful that I could do with them.

I have since decided that they would be ideal planters for strawberries as the inside sections were the ideal size for one plant.

Here are a few pictures of the planters being built and the final product displaying the strawberries in all of their glory!

IMG_0323 IMG_0322IMG_9661

IMG_9738My vast selection of strawberries are also looking fantastic in my hanging baskets.  I can’t wait for the harvest as I know that they have been safely planted away from the army of slugs and snails that would love to devour them!

Happy recyclin’


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3 Responses to Strawberry Planters!

  1. MrsYub says:

    Oh, that’s cool! We don’t have anything like those lying around, but still, I like it! Strawberry’s make anything look great, don’t they!

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