My Giant Veg Experiment

We all love big, bountiful veg and my uncle Jimmy, (well he is actually my Mom’s cousin) grows some fantastic sized vegetables.  He grew some enormous cabbages a few years ago and I sat in awe at the image of him holding his giant cabbage.  IMG_0408

Luckily for me he has kindly given me 2 of his spare giant cabbage plants that I am attempting to grow as big as his.  The variety that he uses is called Cornish Heirloom and there have been reports of fantastic weights ranging between 60-80lbs.

A little background information and details of where you can purchase the seeds can be found on the following link. Cornish Heirloom.

My 2 specimens are firmly tucked up under some protective netting, in a bed that has lots of organic chicken manure with at least 6ft between each plant.IMG_0329

I will give updates on how big they actually get and keep you updated with the progress.

Happy diggin’


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8 Responses to My Giant Veg Experiment

  1. Big Al says:

    wicked, keep us all upfdated

  2. Natasha Show says:

    Wow! That cabbage is amazing!

  3. browntroutfisherman says:

    Brilliant – the ol’ boys at my allotment have a giant cabbage competition every year and basically, someone gets a pkt of giant cabbage seeds, sows them and grows them on until they have 4 leaves and then the plot holders buy one for £1 and grow it on and the biggest 3 cabbages win prizes…!
    This is my first year at the allotment and I have never grown any sort of cabbage before but I’m giving it a go and I have mine encased in netting and the aim is to give lots of TLC and some compost,Comfrey and Borage tea.every week and see what happens…!

    • Thanks for your comments. Some allotment holders at our site tend to grow big cabbages, but not for exhibition. If they did enter them in competitions, I’m sure some of them would win hands down! Cabbages love really firm soil and plenty of feeding so keep doing what you are doing and I’m sure they’ll be fine..

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