National Garden Week

IMG_9412After watching an episode of gardeners world on BBC, Monty don reminded me that it was National Garden Week this week and the main focus was to encourage more people to grow wildflowers within their garden. Many wild flowers are perennials and will grace your garden year after year, often self-seeding themselves. So once the initial seed has been sown you can get pleasure from these plants year, after year, after year. They are also very beneficial to all forms of wildlife, especially the butterflies and bees which help with pollinating other plants growing in your garden.

IMG_9414I managed to pickup these boxes of wildflower seeds for around £1 this week and I shall be scattering these on a few bits of ground around my allotment to encourage the pollinating insects to visit my vegetable flowers. Not only will they be lovely to look at but they should also smell great too and help with producing some fantastic crops.


IMG_9413Happy Sowin’


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7 Responses to National Garden Week

  1. browntroutfisherman says:

    Nice one – I just took on a second plot at the allotment (3/4 plot actually) and part of that is an old earthy rubble pile all along one end by the hedge so I just bought 2 boxes of wild flower seeds to sow on the ‘mound’.
    I heard a tip about seeding wild flowers on rubbish ground and that is mixing the seed (usually already in a sawdust type medium) with some sharp sand and some dry peaty compost (approx 1/3 by volume of each) and then scattering it around as this helps disperse the seed more evenly and gives them a small amount of growing medium to germinate in. Don’t know if it works but this is what i am going to do at the weekend.

    • Glad to see that you now have another plot too. I also had a massive mound to deal with but after this was dispersed we were left with a massive pile of useable sol. This is destined for new raised beds, some of which will be home to my wild flowers. I plan on just scatrtering the box, as direceted on the packet and seeing waht grows. Not much to lose but al to gain!

  2. MrsYub says:

    The flower seeds took great. Do you have any trouble with slugs or snails when you grow them? This is what stops me from growing many flowers. They are just too tastey to unwanteds!

  3. Amy says:

    Totally haven’t thought about wildflowers yet! Thanks for the liking my post, and writing about National Garden Week- Literally going to look up some good perennial wildflowers for my area ASAP (I want more butterflies anyways!)
    Best wishes,
    Amy ❤

    • Thanks for your comment Amy. Wildflowers are fantastic for introducing unique beneficial insects to your garden. Sow them once and watch them grow year after year. Debb.

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