Parsnip radicle update

IMG_9267I just thought that I would give you a quick update on how the parsnip seeds are doing after I set them up to germinate.  I have had great success with the Gladiator and Tender and True varieties but the White Spear have so far, all failed to show signs of rooting.  I’ll give them a little longer just in case they are just being slow and not completely unviable.  The radicles are clearly showing now to show which seeds have germinated well.

I did plant a few in the allotment on Sunday and covered them with clear pIMG_9265lastic sheeting as it was a little cold and damp.  I think that they should all do ok but the next batch will either be planted when the weather is a little warmer (whenever that may be!) or planted in a temporary container.  My trusty loo rolls containers should come in  very handy for this as they will allow the parsnips to grow on undisturbed.  When they then need to be planted in the ground, this can be done with minimum root disturbance as I will just plant the entire container and allow it to naturally decompose.

IMG_9267 Happy diggin’


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5 Responses to Parsnip radicle update

  1. Pecora Nera says:

    Ok I have took the first step. Today I went out and bought lots of packets of seeds. I will plant them on Saturday after I have cooked breakfast. mmmm English breakfast.

    My bit of orto (italian for digging in the earth bit of land) has been manured and dug over (before the winter) My soil is heavy clay so I intend to dress the seed holes with some nice compost.

    If the seeds don’t grow I still have plenty of wine in the cellar. (Work that one out)

  2. Rick Visser says:

    I prepared the parsnip bed today. I may let it be for a few days to be sure it is in the best condition when I plant the seeds. I am planning to follow your guidelines for preparing the seed. Thanks again, r

  3. MrsYub says:

    Now parsnips are a veggie I have never had trouble growing, so far! I throw them in the garden, they grow! Trouble is I only like parsnips cooked a couple of ways, LOL!!

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