They’ve arrived!

IMG_9155I have been anxiously waiting for my parcel to grace my doorstep as I have been so excited to see the contents of the package. A few days ago, a fellow blogger was offering free chilli seeds to anyone who could send a stamped addressed envelope to him and in return he would send them some varieties of chillies that he had grown from seed himself. As you may have read in my older posts, I am truly an avid chilli grower and I love the wonderful shapes and colours that these peppers and chillies provide. I constantly scour the seed catalogues for different varieties that I do not have, and so I was over the moon when I saw that Peppermeister was giving away many different varieties that I had never even seen advertised!

I contacted him and explained and asked if the offer of the free seeds would still apply to me as I am a UK resident and he is based in the USA. He was more than happy to post the seeds to me provided I cover the postage. I was more than happy to oblige as it meant that I was going to get some new varieties that I hadn’t seen in the shops before.

When my parcel arrived in the post a few days ago I was ecstatic! I couldn’t wait to open the package to see what varieties he had provided for me. The free seeds consisted of Big Jim, Wenks Yellow Hot, Hinkle Hatz, Jamaican Hot Chocolate and Thai Giant.

IMG_9175 IMG_9174

I found the time during this busy week to sow these seeds that will join the other varieties of chillies that I already have growing on my kitchen windowsill. These varieties include Rokita, Habanero Orange, Scotch Bonnet, Cayenne, Patio Hot Sizzle and Hungarian Hot Wax.

My new seeds were sown by placing 2 seeds diagonally in a 3 in pot covered with a small amount of seed compost and watered gently. These then sit happily in the heated propagator until the seedlings appear and then they will be placed under cover in the greenhouse for protection until they are big enough to transplant.

img_8198.jpgThese spicy and fiery varieties should keep me going for a very long time and hopefully I’ll grow enough to be able to save my own seeds in the future and pay it forward to other fellow chili growers.

So thanks again Peppermeister for allowing to me increase my chilli growing varieties.

Happy sowin’


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4 Responses to They’ve arrived!

  1. I love the sharing of seeds, and wish you the best in these new varieties! Question: Do you live in a fairly cool climate? I’m assuming yes since you live in the UK. Here in New England most growers need greenhouses for peppers. Do you grow your peppers in a greenhouse? Just looking for ways to grow one of my favorite vegetables (and my children’s, too). Thanks.

    • Hi. Yes I live in central England and I grow all of my chillies and peppers under cover in my greenhouses. I also have them on my kitchen windowsill. I love all the new varieties of chillies and often save the seeds to pass on to others.

  2. MrsYub says:

    Just reading the comment, and I have to admit I hadn’t realized how blessed I was to live in such a temperate climate. I have two chilli plants in a hanging pot still going from last year!

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