Culinary Queen on the couch

My latest newspaper article went live today and again it featured one of my favourite TV cooks, Delia Smith.  Her latest campaign tries again to encourage us all to learn how to cook.

delia gardenI recently purchased one of her books called Delia’s Kitchen Garden who she co-wrote with her friend Gay Search.  The book combines the methods for growing your own fruit, veg and herbs for use in the kitchen along side some fantastic recipes to use with your home grown produce.

I can highly recommend this book and if you would like to read my latest article it can be found by clicking this link. Culinary Queen on the couch.

Happy readin’



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2 Responses to Culinary Queen on the couch

  1. susanbaker60 says:

    I am with you Debb 100% you can’t beat a good home cooked meal made from scratch. It tastes so much better and you know exactly what you’re getting.

    • Susan, I truly hope that Delia succeeds in her quest as it is a quality that needs to be addressed sooner rather than later. It is important that the upcoming young adults have the skills to be able to provide for their family meal times without resorting to oven ready meals with no idea of where the ingredients are sourced. Debb.

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