That warm and snuggly feeling!

I’m so excited that February has finally arrived.  From a GYO person’s point of view; Let the growing season commence!!!

IMG_9044I have spent the last few weeks raring to get growing; especially after my new Christmas present of a heated propagator became the newest gardening essential.  It really is a fantastic gift and I can see myself using it on many occasions.  I sowed some chilli seeds a few days ago and most of them have already made a strong appearance!

A friend of mine doesn’t use a heated propagator or have a heated green house, yet his seeds are flourishing.  How you may ask has he done it?  The secret is a single, cheap electric blanket!  Some of you may be thinking what a strange idea but in reality, a heated mat specifically designed for the garden that does the same thing costs twice the amount of cash with half the heated surface area!

I was so impressed with his idea that I had to try it for myself.  I already have a safe and secure electricity point in my outside shed, so I purchased a relatively cheap electric blanket from a high street store and dug out the timer that I already had.  It is now being used to safely and snuggly keep my shallot seeds warm!  It has the added benefit that it has 3 heat settings, can be machine washed and is even suitable for the tumble dryer!

Oh, how I do love a bargain and a good idea!

Thanks for the idea George.

Happy Growin’


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1 Response to That warm and snuggly feeling!

  1. MrsYub says:

    What an interesting idea! I can wait to hear how your seedlings react!

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