New year, new season

Well, it’s that time of year again that we all sit down with our families, relax and eat copious amounts of food, and in my case drink a little too much! But as my husband keeps reminding me, Christmas, is not just about a day, it’s about a few days that make up the the holiday season.

On the subject of seasons, us fellow gardeners may already be thinking about the warmer months that are due and possibly already planning what seeds we shall be growing and sowing. I myself may be taking a trip to my greenhouse on Boxing Day to sow some of my onion seeds, as I have read somewhere that’s the best day to sow them.

Up until I became interested in growing fruit and veg, I wouldn’t even dream of sowing any type of seed before late February or early March. I now know that it’s never too late, or too early to start planning for the growing season ahead.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish all of my fellow bloggers and allotmenteers a very Merry Christmas and a bountiful and productive new year.

Here’s hoping that for us fellow Brits, who have had atrocious growing weather this year with all of the rain, that 2013 will help all us GYO’ers to produce more plentiful crops.

Happy Christmas and a very Happy New Year!

My new year resolution in 2013 is to grow at least 3 new varieties of veg that I haven’t grown before.

What’s your new year resolution for next year?

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4 Responses to New year, new season

  1. Hope you’ve had a good Christmas, Debb.

    This year, I would like something to actually come off! Had so much failure.

    • Seasons greetings to you too. I was recently given some Jerusalem artichokes to cook. I’ve never had them before and I read a little about growing them. May give them a go next year.

  2. solarbeez says:

    I’m going to try planting (replanting) a celery stock base…
    I’m going to try this hugelkulture bed. Bury some rotten mycellium-laden logs and plant some bee loving flowers on it.

    I’m going to hope you have a better summer. Wet enough in the winter and dry enough in the summer!

  3. That sounds like a great resolution…I love trying new things in the garden.

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