National Apple Day – 21st October

I am a big advocate of Apple – the company responsible for the iPhone, iPod and iPad so when I first heard about National Apple Day, October 21st, I wondered whether this day was created in aid of the technology devices produced by this multinational company. Ok, so I know it’s a day in celebration of one of the most popular and versatile fruit, but heh, I thought it would have been a good idea!

Information on National Apple day can be found by following the link below.

Apple Day

Apples are a very versatile fruit, sold in vast amounts across the world, and relatively easy to grow. They are a staple in many desserts, pies, crumbles and puddings. What is better on an autumnal evening than a big slice of apple pie and hot piping custard? But have you ever given any consideration into deciding which variety of tree to buy for growing your own?

Well I have and I can tell you that the decision is not an easy one!

Considerations such as:

  • How tall will the trees grow?
  • When can you harvest the fruit?
  • Is it a bare root plant or a container grown plant?
  • Will it be a dessert eating apple or cooking or suitable for both?
  • What are the different numbers related to rootstock?
  • What does it mean by grafted rootstock?
  • Is it self fertile?

I was overwhelmed with the choices that needed to be made before I could decide and choose one. Asking the question on a gardening forum that I regularly use, also didn’t help my decision; in fact I think it left me more confused!

So what did I do? I did the only thing that I thought would be easiest. I chose wholly dependent on one thing – the name of the apple! Having the surname of Love, and the fact that I totally adore red apples; the choice was made instantly when I saw the new variety called Redlove Era. I just had to have it!

The Daily Mail focused an article on this apple, details of which can be found by following the link below.

Daily Mail – Redlove Apple

After reading the article, and doing a little more research on this particular variety, I was pleased that it fit my needs – produces an abundant amount of apples, is self fertile that doesn’t rely on apple trees within the local area for fertilisation, is suitable as an eating apple or cooker and can be grown to a reasonable height. The initial cost of the tree was considerably more than any other varieties that I saw for sale, but cost wasn’t one of my considerations. It was to be an investment that would sustain my family for many years to come.

I placed my order with a reputable plant merchant online, and can’t wait for the arrival of the tree, which is due for dispatch in late November. I hope that my impulsive action when choosing the tree proves that I made the right decision. Who likes to be proved wrong?

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