Pond life update

Finally, my pond is in situ and looking good, albeit with no water. After my hubby finished digging it out and I had finished laying the path boundaries, we were both too exhausted to fill it. Still, I’m sure that the impending rain that is due will beat us to it!

The plot inspection today earned me a massive pat on the back for the work that has been completed on my new plot since 6 weeks ago especially the pond installation. Apparently they are impressed with the wildlife friendly aspect of it. I hope that it will encourage plenty of frogs to help with the ever increasing numbers of slugs.

Some borders were left around the outside edge of the pond where I plan on planting some spring flowering bulbs such as tulips, crocuses and daffs to brighten up a little corner of the plot. As the pond is situated near the seating area, hopefully they should give us some lovely fragrance too. I may even invest in a few goldfish so that there is something to see too!

Debb. X

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1 Response to Pond life update

  1. Barbara says:

    Hey Debbi see you have been very busy hun x you well into this you will soon have your own TV show lol x

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