Asparagus Peas

I try to make a point of growing new or unfamiliar vegetables and this particular vegetable not only looked pretty when growing it is also supposed to taste great.


They don’t grow very tall and look fantastic when flowering. They don’t see out of place in any flowering border either and with their vibrant coloured flowers are a benefit to the pollinating insects too!



Picked when they are no bigger than about an inch, funnily enough, they are supposed to taste a little like asparagus and peas. Although I haven’t harvested many as (I did plant them quite late in the season), and there are still some left to mature, a gentle stir fry in a little butter is supposed to be the best way to eat them. I’ll let you know how they taste when I cook them.

Debb. X

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2 Responses to Asparagus Peas

  1. Hasu Patel says:

    Why not bring a sample for us to try – we can give you feedback!

  2. Hasu, if there was enough to go around I would gladly give you some. X

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