Bonkers Beetroots!!!!!

My allotment neighbour said that I could help myself to the beetroots that he had on his plot.  Luckily for me I can recognise what a beetroot leaf looks like because the so called beetroots that I found were not what I expected at all!

They were the biggest beetroots that I had ever seen…..and these were destined for the compost bin.  They have since boiled, sliced and sitting happy in vinegar ready for consumption in a month or 2.

Ok, so that’s the first batch.  They are so big that I can only boil around 3 beets at a time!  All i need now are empty jars.  Time to put in a few wants with colleagues!!!
Debb. x

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3 Responses to Bonkers Beetroots!!!!!

  1. Hasu Patel says:

    Wow Deb so juicy and fresh yes certainly want!!! Wheelborrow and gate will be ready for you to collect tomorrow evening (monday) after 6:00p.m. Let me know if you can’t do tomorrow evening!


    • Hey Hasu,

      They are by far the biggest beetroot that I have ever seen! Do you like beetroot? Would you like some? Pickled or raw state?
      Will text you later re collection of the stuff.


  2. Teelaine says:

    Please put my name down for some, I’m happy to supply jars! You know it compliments my favourite chips and fried egg beautifully!

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