ok….photo time!

This is the plot on the first day that it was offered to me.  What a sight!!!  I wasn’t put off though as I had waited so long for a bit of my own land.

 Digging the weeds uncovered some really good quality soil.  We (as in myself and my eldest daughter) achieved much of the plot clearance within about 4 days.  We dug out most of the weeds and covered with various pieces of plastic and tarpaulin as we went to try and keep the weeds at bay.

My daughter really worked hard on the plot.

And this was her reward…..a harvest of potatoes that we unearthed among the weeds.

And this was the plot that we dug, weeded and covered within 5 days of taking on the overgrown plot!

My daughter even managed to assemble and erect a rose arch to mark the entrance to our plot!

Ok, now that I’ve finally had the time to work out how to upload the photos, hopefully I can add a few pictures to my future posts.

Happy diggin’




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4 Responses to ok….photo time!

  1. Mej says:

    its looking good Deb

    • Hey Mej,

      Yes, lots of hard work but I’m not scared of that! Still stuff left to do but the weather and time are the main factors at the moment.

      Little and often is the best way to tackle it.


  2. Wow you did work hard…all in a week! Well done

  3. Thanks notjustgreenfingers. We managed to clear the growth of the weeds but I still needed to go back over and remove the weeds. This was easier now that the top growth had been cleared. I was then able to plan on how I would like the plot to take shape.

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