Recycle tip #3 – pallets

We all see pallets lying around after various building works that are destined for the tip but enthusiastic and sustainable gardeners see these as invaluable materials for the garden. Pallets have many uses within the garden. For example, I had a few lying around my back garden – (I had asked for these spare pallets from a local aquatic centre that were lying around the car park and acquired a few from neighbours), and these have now been transformed into a garden table and bench. I also have plans to turn these into a flower/veg planters as well as a new border defining the path on my allotment plot.

They are also the perfect material for building a compost heap at the allotment. Simply fix 3 whole pallets together into a U shape and leave a 4th available to remove at the front to easily the newly formed compost easily.

I cannot bear to see pallets lying around, destined for the tip now that I know some of the multiple uses they have. With the cost of wood being so expensive at the moment, why not take to time and effort to get your creative woodwork skills up to date or do what I do and gently persuade my hubby to build them for me!


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