Bare ground – such a waste!

After waiting for a plot of land for such a long time, I find it so hard to see plenty plots with either very little or nothing growing in it or simply covered with plastic. There are plenty of vegetables that can be planted now, with little effort for winter use.

If you can’t grow plants from seeds for whatever reason, many garden centres and online vegetable websites have a vast variety of vegetable plants that can be planted now. Most require very little preparation and just a little covering for protection from pigeons.

I currently have lots of winter cabbages, calabrese, kale, lettuce and kohl rabi growing in the ground ready for the impending winter months. I also plan on sowing some turnips and early carrots, as well as some potatoes in pots. Where most fellow allotmenteers are harvesting and clearing their plots, I am planting all that I can! I can’t stand seeing bare ground with nothing growing after all this time of wanting a bit of land!

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