Recycle tip #1 – Plant labels

I have decided to add a few hints and tips for recycling when gardening either at the allotment or in your garden or wherever you plant flowers, fruit and veg.

Venetian blinds make excellent plant labels. They are wide enough to add all plant variety names, sowing and harvesting times as well as being completely waterproof. You can even use a pencil to add the details rather than a permanent marker making them reusable again. They can be placed in seed trays to identify the seed sown or they can be added to a bit of string with the help of a hole punch, added to a short cane or stick and positioned within the rows to identify plants in the ground. They can be picked up relatively cheaply at local charity shops or given away free on sites such as Freecycle.

I hope to introduce more recycling tips as the weeks/months progress. Feel free to let me know if you have any ideas on using recycling within the garden.

Happy diggin,


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