Let the growing commence

Today I managed to plant 3 rows each of round cabbage, pointed cabbage and calabrese (not sure of the type as I bought these from a very friendly gentlemen and I didn’t get the name of the variety). All are suitable for growing during the winter months as I am reliably informed. I used a trusted method recommended from one of my friends and that was to add a little diluted rhubarb leaf juice in when planting any brassicas. This is to help prevent club root.

I managed to cover the plants with net but didn’t anticipate on needing so much so I had to make do tonight with a smaller than required piece and replace this with a bigger net tomorrow.

I also had a couple of butternut squash plants that I had given to me today. I have positioned these so that they will hopefully grow over the new arch that my daughter built for me. All we need now is a little sunshine to help the plants on their way.



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