The journey begins…….

Hi Guys,

Well here I am writing the first of (hopefully) many blogs relating to my passion for growing fruit and veg. My initial thanks firstly should go to You Tube for allowing me to gain so much advice, hints, tips and inspiration from fellow veg growers such as Claire’s Allotment, Bunty’s Blog and Dan at Allotment Diary to name a few. Thanks to the vast amount of videos and books and articles that I have read, I now have a wealth of veg growing knowledge, (just ask any of my family and friends as they will agree that the conversation always tends to steer towards veg or allotments somehow)! From growing veg in containers to vertical growing, I have ideas galore!!

Since I have found this new passion for growing fruit and veg, I have yearned for an allotment plot of my own – (currently I have adopted some beds from a family member on temporary basis) and have now been fortunate enough to be offered a half plot! I am yet to see the plot as it is scheduled for tomorrow evening and I am truly hoping that it’s not in too bad a state and I can get going ASAP. I am excited about the prospect of tending my own bit of land using all of the new ideas that I have learned.

I want to try and make this blog as informative and interesting as possible with regular updates. Watch this space for the first photos of the proposed plot and hopefully an idea of the plan.


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4 Responses to The journey begins…….

  1. Mej says:

    whats happening?
    any new updates?

    • Mej, so much has happened in such a short space of time. See my new blog post for the latest update .x

      • Hasu says:

        Hi Deb,

        Got couple of garden tools and pots if you want them – tomatoes and courgettes doing o.k but just flowers on Aubergines.


      • Hey Hasu,

        Gladly appreciate any items of use. I harvested 2 of my own aubergines last week. They were kept in a really sunny greenhouse and have loads more growing in size. Tomatoes are hit and miss – some have just flowers and some have trusses of tomatoes, yet to go red.

        The weather this year hasn’t done us fellow gardeners any favours but we must treat it as a learning curve and do what we can.


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